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Thinking Green

Our Philosophy . . . National Millwork understands and appreciates the value of our natural resources, and works toward optimal and efficient use of each product we utilize to ensure minimal waste. Being a good steward when it comes to interfacing with the environment around us is not only good business . . . it is simply the right thing to do.

National Millwork is committed to fabricating with green-based solutions and continues to align itself with suppliers that understand the importance of building green for the future, and who also have sound environmental policies.

Some of the things that National Millwork is doing to protect the environment, as well as the health, safety and well being of its employees and local community include:

  • We use water based glues containing low VOC’s.

  • We promote the use of particleboard cores containing no added urea formaldehyde and zero formaldehyde adhesives.

  • We use particleboard that is EPP Certified, containing 100% recycled and recovered wood.

  • We use, whenever possible, recycled material in the visual elements of a project.

  • We use computerized cutting and trimming systems, reducing waste to minimal levels.

Our Practice . . .
  • We require incoming material to be shipped in returnable or reclaimable pallets and containers.

  • We utilize a sophisticated automated process of optimizing woodcutting that reduces wood waste.

  • We recycle incoming packaging materials, operating materials, including plastics, corrugated cardboard, waste oil and metal.

When your project demands Green . . . think National Millwork.


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