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National Millwork is a longstanding, leading manufacturer of custom architectural millwork, interior décor and exhibits. From premiere jewelers, film producers to the U.S. Military, National Millwork is your “go-to” company for unique, custom and one-of-a-kind build projects. For more than 25 years, we have met the build needs of retail, commercial, government, exhibit and industrial clients throughout the U.S.

If your existing fabrications or products work well for you, but are well-worn and in need of a facelift, our renowned relaminating, refinishing and restoration services are second to none.

Whether a single prototype or a coast to coast rollout, National Millwork’s single mission is to solve a client’s product or service need in the most soundly engineered and cost effective manner possible, without compromising the use and visual objectives of the client.

If, in your build or service need, you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then you should talk to one of the build experts at National Millwork.


Do I need a company that can provide a build or service solution to meet the project's strict budget and time demands?

R Yes    £  No


Do I need a company that can take my vision and build it?

R Yes    £  No


Do I need a company that is knowledgeable  and experienced in the use and integration of unique, distinct, green and other diverse materials?

R Yes    £  No


Do I need a build solution that is not available in a catalog or from a distributor?

R Yes    £  No
5) Do I need a company with honesty, integrity and a reputation for being fair and standing behind its products and services? R Yes    £  No

We have the methodology and team to cut through frustrating trial and error, and to ensure an optimal, competitive solution to your need. We start with learning your objectives . . . and end with results far exceeding your expectations.

Call us today, and let National Millwork show you why we should be your manufacturer of choice.

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